Delights Distribution

on Monday, October 20, 2008

Wouldn't you agree that God seems to shine in the twelfth hour? Sometimes it feels we have reached the 13th hour until our heart once again feels the lightness and release we savour. Isn't it when we are leaning on Him real hard though, that time seems to tick so slowly?

Time. It sure is passing for me. My face shows smile lines even when I’m not smiling, my belly skin has stretched just like my favourite jumper from housing twelve tenants and the beautiful memory of my grandmother freshens every time I look at my hands.

But time has definitely favoured me in my heart and mind. In my youth, I wallowed in relationships oblivious to the depth they added to my life. Yet my efforts were to “do”, to become, to prove, to acquire. Of course these aren’t wrong in themselves but separated from simply being His daughter and enjoying Him and His, they are empty.

Now I recognise that I don’t need to be well liked, successful or financial to feel spoilt and my circumstances no longer have the same power over disturbing my peace. I see the amazing reality of living as a princess in the superfluous toys He gives to me which are uniquely shaped to my quirks. These delights do not come my way because I deserve them or because I have earned them but just because He is good.

In my space, in this time, He is causing and desiring to let me live my life to the fullest.So knowing this, do I need to have time down the coffee shop with my man or opportune times to pursue personal passions or even a time to cruise with a soul mate who is transparent and knows my life intimately? Only God knows what to release in my life to cause depth and substance. Those who are instrumental in His delights distribution would have to be in collaboration with Him, tight with the ultimate gift giver to know when, what and how my 12th hour spring will come; my time. And I enjoy the anticipation in knowing that the One Who is able, enables others to make my heart swell beyond what I could have ever imagined.


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