Mentoring Mimi

on Saturday, October 31, 2009

Written almost a decade ago but still reflecting my heart today ......

I glanced across the room and my eye caught a tiny apprentice person perched on a chair, round with baby fat and full of charm. Most children have an inbred inability to evaluate how to use a chair in the purpose it was designed for and she was no exception. She was kneeling up slumped over the back, swivelling the chair from side to side. Her whole body was dripping wet from swimming in the pool, her blonde hair clung to her round face and podgy cheeks. She was beaming showing a mouthful of baby teeth, her eyes danced as they met with mine realising that she had my full audience. My heart jumped and then melted as she worked me with her giggle. With no words spoken and with no inhibitions she ministered to my heart far greater than any counselor could ever do and in less time and cost.

I refocused my mind to search for any familiarity with this child, to search for who she was and what made her unique. I wondered if I could possibly find any claim to have a bond with this beautiful spirit or maybe to even find evidence of having had some influence in molding who she was. She was so cute, innocent and edible. She was so strong, individual and knowing. She was my daughter! But there was so much about her that I didn’t know, things that were distant and unfamiliar.

“Wook at me Mummy” she ordered. Mummy! How rewarding that felt I wondered if I had really fulfilled this title. Had I done her justice for the position I held? Have I served any of my children like God had designed mums to nurture their young?

Oh sure. I have washed their clothes, fed them, kissed their boo boo’s, played, hugged, and taught them all the stuff they need to know to survive as far as short people are concerned, loved them to bits and encouraged a pretty shiny character to package the whole parcel. But that is so trivial. What about their very soul, their eternal destiny. Am I to be an accomplice to their eternal damnation? So what if it is through being blinded by the world or naive or through lack of Godly action. Even if responsibility was taken from me for these pitiful excuses, could I live with the fact that my children could potentially live apart from me and their creator?

They could possibly be ahead in math and accomplished musicians and read all kinds of literature way beyond their peers but that means squat to their eternal destination. They may be brushed, scrubbed and dressed to look like they stepped out of an add for Target apparel with polished manners and character to match. But this too could be just surface and just like rearing a bunch of trained seals having no reflection on their heart; their true soul. They could even give lip service of dozens of Bible stories and memorise chapters of His word but unless it touches and changes their heart, it’s useless. A lot of attention is given to maintaining their bodies but it’s their hearts that are the real life.

Oh, Father, show us how to touch our children’s hearts so they can see you. See you and fall in love. Enough to crave you constantly, to search for you and want to know you personally and intimately with urgency. This is true parenting; to love our babies earning their trust and hearts and give them back to God.

Friday, 26 January 2001


The Things We Carried said...

I loved it when my children asked me to wook at them! I always thought of Ruth and Naomi when raising my children, hoping my life would lead them to say, Your God will be my God...

The Things We Carried said...

PS Your baby girl was adorable!

Teacher's Pet said...

If the world had Mothers as loving and dedicated as you, it would be a much better place. Blessed are your have you as their Mother.

Kathy S. said...

AAAAAAmen! I am so sorry I have not visited your blog! What beautiful writing! I am curious to learn more about you and your beautiful family! I am the oldest of 12 children. I will be back!

Rachel said...

You got me... this was so beautifully written and is the cry of my heart.

I have realized more and more lately - that I pray for a surety and boldness and closeness for my son and his Creator - and the extent of it is where I myself fall short.

How is it that our own children can become our greatest motivation to make the heart of God smile?

I loved this post... it's a keeper.

Renata said...

This is what I long for as well - that all my children would truely know & love the Lord. It is so much more important than anything else.
Thankyou for sharing so beautifully!

You asked about where I live - we are in NSW, but our dairy cows are only steers (well except for one who still is half a bull because I accidently put on the ring wrongly!) We got the cows as poddy calves - now we are not sure what to do with them. I laughed as I read back through your blog because you had a cow in your garden - well I know exactly what that's like - although I've never had one give birth!!
Have a nice evening!

Naomi said...

Hi Sande! The "other Aussie" here!!! It was so lovely visiting you tonight: you write beautifully about our purpose as Christian Mothers and I'm very glad I came upon this when I did. As another commentor wrote, "it's a keeper". Would you mind if I shared this?... I have a friend who doesn't know the Lord as her Saviour, and I touched on something similar with her today, and I think your writing would be a lovely 'follow-up'... The photo of your daughter as a baby is sweetness personified! It's been lovely coming across you tonight. I'll be back for further visits. Blessings! Naomi

Julie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet words. You blessed me!

I hear your heart in this post. The more I live in the love of Papa God the more my children get a glimpse of how deeply He loves. So many things I would do over if I had the chance to start again. For much of what I currently live I learned in my 40's... I'm glad to know that He restores the years the locust eat...

Thanks again for stopping by! It's great to meet you!

Warren Baldwin said...

Beautiful! I like your final line - to truly love our children is to turn them back to God.

It has been a little while since I've visited. I like your new blog look. WB

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