What You Don't Say To Your Wife

on Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sometimes, expression is just best left for others to self incriminate; is that why it is so funny?

Tim Hawkins

Ants Pants

on Friday, March 20, 2009

Sitting on the bank of our river after having oared my way up over swollen rapids, I sat and listened to my Dad. He was gentle, yet vibrant, substantial and fulfilling. I saw an ant climbing with a bug to the top of a blade of grass. What possible purpose does that ant have? What would the world lose if that ant didn't exist? If I squished this ant, would it make any difference to the universe what-so-ever? Not like that was going to happen through my "kiss the boo boo better" attitude though. The questioning, I realised, was probably not so much about the ant; possibly more about me.

I love that ant! God told me.

The reply was unexpected. His statement really puzzled me and my mind raced ahead to wonder why. His communication was short and to the point, He didn't elaborate by giving me a long list outlining the ants function in the world or how significant that ant was in it's tiny ant kingdom or even expand on the small but necessary difference the existence of that ant made. Isn't that how we measure existence worthy of love and admiration anyway however erroneously that may be?

I love that ant because it is living exactly as I created it to live!

Wow. How do I unpack that? Doesn't that insinuate no striving, no manipulating, no controlling, no corporate climbing, no goal realisation, no failing, no disappointing .... but enjoying and being enjoyed, working hard and finding fulfilment, loving deeply and finding a life in His image. Doesn't that reek of release total freedom.

God, I want to live a life walking in ant's pants.