Catch Me Daddy

on Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't look - You might see
Don't listen - You might hear
Don't think - You might learn
Don't make a decision - You might be wrong
Don't walk - You might stumble
Don't run - You might fall
Don't live - You might die
Don't change - You might grow

Don't believe a word of it.

Kyler Jack is thirteen months old and will jump without hesitation into daddy's arms off the table twice his height. He has no fears. His daddy is faithful and will catch him everytime. And so is ours. We don't need to fear falling or for that matter we don't need to fear being uncomfortable, unacceptable, unwealthy, unheard, unloved or undone. We CAN live in total freedom and abandon, being true to how He made us and asking Him to change the icky bits as they emerge. This is the place of total belonging, love & purpose and is never acheived in the presence of fear.

Life is full when we lay down our excuses and are broken enough to accept and totally trust Him. We need only offer our few loaves & fishes which are always enough for a total life of substance with no regrets. Imagine and taste a life totally enjoying our creator and being enjoyed by Him and living as a child who looks and behaves just like their daddy.

Look ~ You will see
Listen ~ You will hear
Think ~ You will learn
Decide ~ You can't disappoint
Walk ~ You will go places
Run ~ He will catch you
Live ~ Although to die is to be with Christ
Change ~ And be transformed into His image


Naomi said...

How do you write so well?
All I can think of is to
write what happened in my
day...not that that's a
bad thing, but still.

Love you,Naomi

Nichole said...

Living in every moment! This is great...and what a cutie Mr. Kyler is!

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