To Think Or Not To Think; That is the Question.

on Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Over my life God has freeze framed encounters I have had with Him. On one particular encounter, He told me to “raise leaders, not followers”. I had no idea how to do this but I knew enough that if He had asked me to do something, He would give me the tools too. Our life of learning has grown and shrunk and culled and introduced and has become a lot more “living” than dead, more purposeful than requirement and more discovery than standards. After 14 years, we are definitely more motivated and flexible than when we started and even though we look somewhat eclectic, are obviously creating more thinkers under grace than producers under the law. One word for that …. freedom!!!

I was so excited [did a little happy dance on the inside] to find God guiding others along a similar path.  Learning in life with your kids or want to?  

Pop over to Kerry Beck's Blog.  She is very real and has outlaid some very interesting issues that can't be ignored.


Warren Baldwin said...

SanDe this is very good. This statement alone would make a whole article, maybe several: “raise leaders, not followers”. We've talked about mentoring before - that is something I am working on and studying. This is a great umbrella statement for that. Thanks for posting. Thanks also for the referral to Kerry Beck's blog. I'll check it out. My post this morning is on why we write if you get a chance to read it. WB

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