Would You Like Guilt With That?

on Monday, May 11, 2009

Decided to delegate and get Kyler to do some posting for me ...... ? This little guy is definately one passionate writer. Why am I doing this? Discovered that I am probably spending more time posting comments than I am making my own blog posts. Anyone eles do that? Seems to me that I 'bounce off others' a lot better than just digesting my own stuff. Not a viable idea you say?
Ok. Plan B.
Well hows this. Since some of my comments are definately blog length, I'll post one of the more self explanitory ones here. This is one I posted over at "Living Above The Line"; mom, author and pastor, Neridah Walker has started this new blog. Still lets you see the inside of me on the outside.

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Yes. Amazing stuff. Liberating even :) For so long I lived in guilt thinking I hadn't loved or educated my kids enough. But He exposed that lie!!!! He showed me that living under the law, is what we erroniously feel we need do for Him but under Grace, it's what He has already done for us. The first direction is under law the other is all about Grace. Noun verses Verb. Responsibility (law/noun) verses our "responce" (grace/verb) to Him. Expecations (law/noun) verses our "expectancy" (grace/verb) to His awesomness.

There is no way we would give our children a gift and expect them to respond in a certain way; we wait in expectancy to their responce. We don't tell them how to act or behave or what to do with our gift. Therefore there is no need for them to feel guilty for how they embrace our present. Same with our Daddy .... I can enjoy Him and His gift of Grace the way it oozes out of my "made in His image" bent of my individuality.

Our home and education is now becoming a journey of discovering Him more than having to reach a standard .....a guiltless, passionate, Creator chasing adventure.And Oh, I mentioned nouns and verbs because heres another AMAZING facet about Him. A noun is inamate and unresponsive whereas a verb is alive and active. How substantial is that?!!


Warren Baldwin said...

Good discussion of the verb vs. noun. Hadn't thought of that before. Taking responsibility for our actions (good or bad) is mature, and allows God to deal with them (he wants to forgive!). Beating ourselves denies God's work in and for us.

Last night I posted an article on forgiveness called East From West on my Bible Fountain. Please visit if you get a chance; it discusses some of the stuff you do here. wb

Nichole said...

Woo-hoo this is truly some great writing! Words from Him through your heart..and boy do they shine some serious Jesus love! A life living in freedom is so beautiful. Thank you so much for blessing us with this...to read these words today is confirmation that God is doing His thing in people!

christina said...

Thank you! I was having a pseudo panic attack this weekend. My oldest is going to start high school next year and I felt the sudden urgency to parent, to make up for lost time. But, like you said, this is a lie. My efforts are not inadequate because HE is not an inadequate Father.

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