Don't We All Blog Naked?

on Friday, June 19, 2009

Blank Blogger screen ... cursor flashin'; flashin'; flashin'.

Kinda wish it was Wordless Wednesday cause then I could just find a really bizarre photo, which our family does really well and whack it up here with some quirky kind of caption. Is it possible I have nothing to say?


Highly unlikely!

Maybe I just have too much to say and can't decide between the plethora of thoughts surging through my twenty four seven mind.

More believable?

But then again ..... maybe it's because I have no idea why I write. I mean, been new to blogging, I have to ask. Why on earth do we dig out the utter most guttural emotional depths of our heart and hang them out on the world wide whatsit for whomever to scrutinize? Kind of like striping down naked and blindfolded in the park with Sunday crowds perusing us like artwork isn't it?


So why do I blog?

"Thinking ..... "

"Wondering .... "

"Watching a bit of the movie that the family are engrossed in .... "

"Thinking about something totally unrelated ..... "

"Climbing into the refrigerator as a form of procrastination topping up my already full belly ..... "

Maybe I can find clues to my question by asking a different question; "why do I read?"

Could it be for the community that grows from connecting and leaving comments, or for the gritty gems of truth which have me leave my computer screen a little freer, or maybe for the pure entertainment and humor in how some can regurgitate their daily lives? And I hate to admit it, but it's quite possible that there could also be as a form of procrastination because I don't know how to, or want to progress in my own life. Or even worse, making sure I do life right by checking up on how the 'experts' do it, God ordained, perceived or self proclaimed..... following the crowd.

Your right! It's probably a mix of everything. Although I'm thinking, even this should not shape my motive in why and how I blog? And building on that truth, obviously to manipulate my behaviour to facilitate what I believe would be a success in the blogasphere grasping at hits and comments or showcasing our lives for applause and approval would sadly feed fleshy, Pharisaical persuasions in all of us. Even attempts to build a 'ministry' can be erroneously rooted more in my own value than in an honest Spirit led 'word in season' God works through all of us. All this self rooted motives I want to RUN from, to not get tangled up or lured into. Keep those rocks way out of my backpack.

So how on earth does this benefit either one of us? I hear Him enticing me to put the insides of me out there, to be the older women which I crave and know it will be a sweet place when I can do this with honest and selfless motives. Motives rooted in love ... "I can even sacrifice my own body but without love, it's nothing".

So to blog in Love .... Oh Lord, help. Define that a little more; put some skin on that. How do I feel Your love?! Hmmm ... in this season, what I adore is falling further by the simple act of surrender, into Your Grace and sensing Your approval and enjoyment before I 'do' anything. I watch and feel You wallow in the "made in His image" creation I am, enticing out Your greatness through my hands and feet.

Well that's a place to start I suppose; recognising His fingerprint and image in others and then using my "fishes and loaves" skills and passion for the manipulation of words to display His truth through the stories and people in my life.



By the way, I prefer not to be naked or blindfolded so please; talk to me. Use that comments thingy.


Genny said...

Your comment over at Rocks in My Dryer made me laugh...I had to pop over here and say hi. I love how you talk about the community that exists in the blogging world, and the gems of truth we can get. I agree!

Warren Baldwin said...

Blogging takes enough time that I sure hope God is in it and it does some good.

I think maybe you (in the general sense of "you") feel free opening up b/c you can do it on your schedule and you have some faithful followers who will read nonjudgmentally.

Also, some people who blog, I have learned, do not have a healthy "live" (that is, nonblog) support group. They work so much or have such emotional issues that they withdraw from personal interaction. Blogging allows them contact with some protection.

You write some good things. In fact, you are a good writer. I enjoy your posts. wb

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