Where'd The Road Go?

on Sunday, June 7, 2009

Remember trying to see how many uni students you could cram into a v-dub beetle?  Well, that's what we did with out Saturday.  Although it was a v-dub beetle, it was our troop carrier and it wasn't uni students; it was our family .... all twelve of us.  

In our "not so squeezy" state,  entombed like Egyptian mummies, we followed six other four wheel drive vehicles into search of the nastiest and sloppy looking, dirt tracks.  To picture our situation a little better for those who are more visual .... it's like God picked up our troopie and shook it. For once, the boys were not cautioned for headbutting; I jest really.

Our men were in their "testostronal" elements, whooping and grunting, scratching and far .... err .... well, they were enjoying themselves and I really loved watching them enjoy themselves even if it was fed by them feeling more manly compared to my less courageous vision of where our only working vehicle could drive.

Seems like a worthy metaphor for how I am feeling at the moment though.  We've been crusin', working, planning, doing and it appears in the process of busyness, the road has vanished like in the video;  it's either just dropped away or became overgrown but it definitely looks like I will be doing some 'bushbashing' if I am to be moving forward.  To use a more Christianeze term, I will have to step out in faith.  And that is as daunting as having to put the troopie down that cliff.

So to avoid stalling or even worse, procrastinating, I will go with what I know, with where I believe my Father was leading me last.  Bits of my life don't look anything like other families around me but I know I wasn't called to conformity so I wont be looking to "same" as a signpost.
 Some bits of my life just look to me down right scary so I ask Father if I'm walking into a minefield and TRUST that He will tell me if I am. And I'll definitely be simplifying and getting rid of dead wood so as not to use any unproductive energy... a bit like cutting back some trees to see if I can find the track again

Daunting? Yep   Scary?  Sure!  But sure beats sitting in the one place or going around in circles.  And it's crowded and noisy enough here to remind me that I am definitely not travelling alone.


Naomi said...

Saturday was really fun mum, thanks for taking us.


Warren Baldwin said...

Good metapohr. A lot of things fog the trail ahead for us, but you are right, stepping out in faith is our proper course. wb

michael said...

where are my photos? .. surely someone took a photo of the mighty pajero! I had a ball... I purchased a 4wd day trip book for around Sydney. I want to do them all my next winter!

aletheiatruth said...

A great post Sande......I have enjoyed reading your blog, you write with beauty....like a poem (i like poetry!!) 10 kids (i like big families).....hubby's like 4WDriving (i am a nervous wreck)....your comment on testosterone made me giggle (i like hormones).....I will be coming back. Thanks for your comment I have seen and liked the movie on Christian TV too. Blessings Cathy

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