Woowy To Enjoy

on Saturday, June 27, 2009

This is just bouncing off Nicole over at "living my life on purpose" who is doing a series on relationships ....

We cannot form a relationship with anyone whilst we are constantly picking at their faults. Even if we just salt a little fault finding into that relationship, it causes a deafness or a hardening of the others heart toward us.

They may as well put their fingers in their ears and sing

'la la la la la la'.

Cannot force, control, manipulate, judge, fault find, criticize into relationship....!

Like Christ we woo, encourage, showcase the "made in His image" greatness in them, and ENJOY them. That's why He created us, why He bought us back into relationship .. not to work for Him [although we do because we want to more than anything] not to have fire insurance or a ticket to heaven [even though we have His Kingdom available to us NOW ... here on earth as it is in heaven] but because He made us so inviting, so attractive, so fulfilling, so fascinatingly irresistible for HIM to enjoy.


Sandra said...

I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in a photo game on my blog.

Mary said...

oh girl, how very true this post is in my life. I just want to love on people, but I do find myself being too critical.

Lord, give me the heart to love people the way you love me.

I just adore reading your blog because you use the 'whilst.' Not a word we use here in Alabama, but it's one of my most fave words.

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