Imaged In His Eyes

on Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is my man ... my main guy. The big dude not the little one. Although you would think otherwise if you were to judge by where my time is spent.

And granted, it's not the greatest photo of him but there is something really symbolic about this shot that is so bloggable. See my God assailed the 'normal' in the everyday when I saw this pic and gave me a nugget of truth, a parallel of the spiritual with the natural, oh let's face it. He drew me up on His lap and discussed the issues of the universe with me.

Just lost all those rigid folk who find it hard to believe that God shares His Kingdom affairs with the average. And definitely not with someone lacking the 'right' credentials, education or social status or even the right address. Heck, she lives on the belly of the world; underneath this earth even.

But isn't that what totally messes with you? That the creator of everything, the most awesome "I AM" doesn't regard our human hierarchy and finds value in ALL His hands has made.

My Friend wants to communicate, to play, quite frankly to be in tight with everyone. A living, breathing to-ing and fro-ing of contact, of giving and reflecting truths.

And aint it the truth that I will become like Who I hang around and if the Who is Him, I'm destined to be Him flavoured. Reflecting His greatness too which, He tells me, is what I can do best since I was made in His image. Kind of portrays what I read today that...

People are attracted most to those who they see themselves reflected.

My guy must be adorable then cus look at my picture. More precisely, at the image reflected in the left lens of his sunnies.


Or more dramatically,

I am reflected in the eyes of my man.

And metaphorically, both my men! That be my man with skin on, my tangible companion committed to me til I'm dust and my Man who made me, knows my inner most being and totally completes me.


You bet. I am in the equation of their lives. Can say "I'm with Him" or them really. But not just any hims. With a him who is totally mine and a Him who is the the master of all Hims.

"From Him, through Him and to Him are all things." Rom 11:36


Five Moms & A Blog said...

I clicked on it to see the reflection in his shades. How cool is that! =0)

Great post and I agree with ya 100%!


Genny said...

This was so good, Sande. Loved reading your thoughts and how you pointed out the glad I stopped by.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Terri Tiffany said...

Great post! And a terrific picture too:)) Love the analogy!

Cheffie-Mom said...

I enJOYed this post very much! So true and very creative!

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

Great post! Very profound!

Gracie said...

Great Post. Love the picture. Thanks for the comment on my Blog today. Stop by anytime =)

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Love your thoughts and analogy. Perfect!

Thank you, Sande.

Dani Joy said...

I see, I see! Beautiful concept. very deep yet very true. Also we should reflect them. Love that!

Coming to visit from Alicia today. I loved your comment about the curriculum procreating and then cleaning our bathrooms. Had to see who wrote that. And I was not disappointed. I was amazed to see that you were a mom of 10. You look so young in your picture. I am sure you get that a lot. I admire and love big families. Always wanted a large family. May the Lord bless your quiver full!

So you live down under? Never heard it called the belly before. One of my closest friends in college was from Australia. Maybe this is why I was so drawn to your comment. :)

Can´t wait to read more!

Joyful said...

Sande, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your encouraging comments!!!!!

I see you live in Australia!!! I have an Uncle in Australia.

I so enjoyed the post you wrote about seeing your reflection in your husband's sunglasses. Praying my eyes will reflect the love of my life too!!! Jesus!


Tea With Tiffany said...

I see life through the same lens. I love this picture and the spiritual truth behind it. Thank you, Lord, for giving us eyes to see.

momstheword said...

Great post! There's a saying "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future." Who we spend time with is who is speaking into our lives and influencing us.

So, the more we spend time with Him the more He will be reflected in our lives. I would rather reflect Him than me anyway!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Just had to pop back again and tell you that I forgot the one about the legs....yeah, they said that too!

~ Nan

addhumorandfaith said...

So eloquent. I like the way you think, but LOVE the way you express what you're thinking!

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