Slow Down Dunes

on Sunday, August 23, 2009

Talk to anyone I know in the skin and they will tell you that I have been looking forward to not having so much in my thinker, to doing 'boring' for a while, to slowing down.

.... and when I do SLOW DOWN, I'm not entirely happy either .... see?!

...... Go figure.

Guess I don't think I really know what I want. So I may as well trust the manufacturer on the stuff that He sends my way. Anticipate my days without having to pre-arrange a different kind, type, size, timing ...... or speed of life.

Said it before but now more resolved to live with expectancy. Not expectation. Brain, get it, get it, get it!!!

Post Note:
I hit Mach 4 sitting on the board deafening all those within a 2 mile radius but alas, no tape.

Post, Post Note:
Kids shorter than my belly button absolutely FLY down sand hills.


Sandra said...

I love your analogy of the manufacturer sending things your way! Now, if I could just learn to see it this way.

Love the video clip! It's always fun to, at least, try new things!

Warren Baldwin said...

Are there "sand skis"? I'm not much for a snowboard, but love skiing. Ok, I'd try a sand board. Actually, until this post, I didn't know they made them.

Two other things:
1) Nicole wrote to me and is ready to help us set up a critique group.

2) I have a new post that didn't register in some of the blog rolls.


Theta Mom said...

If only I could learn how to do this as well. ;)

Fiona said...

LOL - now how about trying that out at the big dunes at Black Point! A little wax might be an interesting addition too!! Shame we missed you - we were up there the week before!


Transparent Mama said...

Wow! I did not know you could do that. Thanks so much for following along. I am so happy to meet you.

Fiona said...

Hmm.... I meant Dark Point not Black Point...

Emily said...

hehehe! maybe you need to skateboard down! lol!
Love EM

Emily said...

love what you said about expectation. I need to get that concept in my head!

Genny said...

I'm impressed, Sande! Love the picture! Good for you.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Sand boarding??? LOL! Great video!

Susan B. at warmchocmilk said...

Interesting! Sand boarding!? Slowing down. I think I like it!

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