Fruit Chasing

on Saturday, August 15, 2009

If the wind isn't blowing, days are usually warmer spent out on our deck. I can sit on the old lounge and look across the valley to the river backdropped by the mountains. This view is captivating, the sounds stilling and the smells definitely country. No better classroom hey? The very scene that lured me away from everything I knew and was comfortable with in the city.

Today though, my focus didn't even make it past our boundary fence. On the other side of our pool is a carob tree. We planted it there hoping it would provide shade for summers in the water. We did not realise however, how slow these suckers grow. A native gum would have possibly been a better option casting shade all over the place by now.

But my pondering wasn't remiss of our choice of tree. It wasn't in regret of my lack of botany research. I had sat in this same place almost everyday for close on a decade. Looked out over Gods fingerprint and awed at His reflection. This tree, even though it is part of the scene, has always been looked through; not around, not over but through. It is placed prominently smack in the middle of the picture but my attention seems to be commonly captured further down the valley.

Today was different though; this tree had me hooked. Now full and robust, spreading as wide as it was tall, it stood over double my height. This unassuming masterpiece which had started the size of my hand, had kept on through drought, flood, wind bordering house wrecking gales, and without our pandering, had just consistently done what trees do.

Hasn’t needed the scaffold of appreciation or applause to support it’s value, hasn’t set concrete goals, visions or outcomes which can be blocked emotionally shipwrecking it’s life, it just appears to be very happy being what it is, where it is regardless of our input or opinions. This carob is definitely one quiet and solid achiever.

Yes. I know. Bizarre impressions I get from looking at a tree. But even though the looking was pleasant the most amazing impression I believe was beyond the carobs life; more from its maker. Profound, timely, substantial.

Like the tree, my life produces fruit CONSISTENT with where I am in growth right now. Great fruit makes me no better, no more valuable, no holier; it's just what is. A life consistant with juicy fruit will however, find me more freedom, give me a greater quality of life and precede continued depth in my unimaginable growing relationship with my God though ... can't knock that.

Just goes to show that no amount of straining or technique will manufacture outcome from my life that isn't consistent with the truth I have grown to believe. As I discover and live out my life responding to Who He is, I will get better at it and my fruit, the outcomes in my life, will become richer and more substantial.

That truth shared, I will still be tempted by the world to produce a facade that implies my worth. But this only when I believe I have no worth to begin with and decide to manufacture some to avoid the pain of worthlessness.

Again, the world tempts me to produce applause by placing myself in the middle of attention. But knowing that I am valued now, my life is not motivated by approval but now by feeding the desires that are unique and worthy in me that He placed there.

Success also tempts me to race ahead of His timing desiring outcomes from my life way beyond the seasons of my maturity. What I miss in living in the future is the years of enjoying the people in my life now, the lessons that life teaches about who I am and how He feels about that. I risk killing the rich fruit of my life before it even matures.

So from this amazing perspective of living my life wholeheartedly from the depths of the unique bents He knit together in me, copied straight from His image, all for good, I can feel whole and complete, sence the richness of emotion and slow to savor the true 'big rocks' in my life, the gems that have eternal value instead of the elusive chase of fruit or outcomes that a well lived life can only produce.

Now the outcomes of my life are put back into their place of a result of living; not the purpose of my life.


Terri Tiffany said...

This was beautiful! I also loved the picture although your trees are foreign to me!

Granma said...

I enjoyed your observations. Looking forward to coming up and seeing it for myself.

Theta Mom said...

You have such a beautiful writing style! I loved the images you described in this piece, so well done! I think we all can relate to this kind of "tree" in our lives.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad to have found yours. ;)

Genny said...

This was beautiful, Sande, and it really made me think. And, yes, no better classroom for sure!

D2the4thPower said...

Beautifully written, and so true.

Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

Brian Miller said...

a great truth lies in your words...we can get so caught up in where we are going we miss the growing it takes for us to get there...

Kathleen said...

Oh-so-wise. How did you get that way? Amazing what can happen when we simply sit still, look, and listen. Thanks for sharing this pearl. And congratulations of POTD.

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