Tramp On Your Face

on Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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train mugger er brother

on Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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note the fifth person back left
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Good Thing Drive

on Saturday, September 19, 2009

We live no where near what I would consider to be civilization. It's an amazing bit of country that God plucked right out of Eden; clear running riving feeding lush pasture land cradled between two gnarly, basically straight up mountains.

My secret valley really.

A place which generally gives security from negative influence and attack. My Pa says we are insulated not isolated. I believe Him.

Yet this means when we go out, we are in the bus for over an hour, traveling goat track roads wide enough for one car in places, with ten children.

Good thing they travel well.

Good thing they don't mind if they sit too close to each other, or if one is touching the other or if heaven forbid, one is looking at the other in the wrong way ....!

Good thing they don't mind if one sings, or hums a little too loud or too long, or if ones comments aren't too ignorant or even if one determines to release a little air from ones body from a various amount of openings .... !

Good thing they are accepting of each others differences, that they are forgiving for selfishness and can offer His Grace and maintain not only appreciation for each other but have a hopeless, sold out love that outweighs all offences.

Good thing that.

Cause if they didn't, they could be travelling on a really long journey together, maybe one almost as long as marriage, and find that the trip is really unbearable because they didn't actively acknowledge that their sojourners are valuable; that they are really precious and given a few minutes looking in the right direction, they would see that their motives aren't specifically chosen to annoy. Nor is their intent particularly negative.

And really they know that what they look for in a person is exactly what you are going to find. So it's obvious that they would want to look for all the choice nuggets because that would not only be such an encouragement to them but would also set the 'mood' thermostat in the car. It would influence the others around them to notice and feel satisfaction and substance instead of irritation and fault finding.

This makes two and half hour round trip so much more bearable. Cause really. In our hearts, we realize that what we have to offer others is what they have to offer us.


So my advice on long country drives with two fist full of kids;

... drive to survive physically, but travel to thrive relationally.

Sick Egg

on Thursday, September 17, 2009

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the Kings horses and all the Kings men,

"Get it into your egg shell head that you aren't everything to everyone and if you don't let others expand into nurturing you as well, this is what happens. You crash and burn. And if no one is there for you to fall on, you will just get dragged along with life's forward motion.

Then we are talking pretty nasty gravel rash as well.

Let's face it. That shell of yours is only thick enough to hold a growing chick, not strong enough to carry it til it's egg laying size itself. Let 'em brood over you BEFORE you go down.

Cause a fall means you WILL crack and then what you're birthing will die and all the gook will come out and make a big mess. And no guessin' who's gonna have to clean that up."

I don't do sick well.

Pappa God! Please put Humpty back together again.

I don't feel so good?!

Bowl-er Hat

on Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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My Bus for a Boy Car

on Friday, September 11, 2009

When we decided to have a "more than you bargain for" size family, my husband and I had to calculate the cost. For me, I believed I would be sacrificing the freedom to have coffee with the girls and of any acceptance to 'normalness', of ever being your average family. Hey! I was young!

For my man, his measuring stick was not anyway the same as mine. Apparently, different didn't concern him nor did the perceived lack of freedom or belonging. What he did lay on the altar of self though was any possibility to own his Porsche. Didn't know many sports cars suitable for offspring unless a trailer became an option.

And I know. When you consider what we gave up for our children's lives, our sacrifices do look fairly piddly. But they were still real .... ARE still real although shrinking as eternal perspective becomes clearer.

Fast forward twenty years, ten children and a lifestyle that neither of us could have predicted. Our choices haven't become overwhelmingly popular even though many desire our outcomes.

But richness IS our constant companion. Why? Cause we're wise; clever even? Bah Ha!

Seek first .... stuff, bling, notoriety, friends, cash. Yup. I'm guilty. But apparently I have also done a little 'Him' seeking too because ...... 'all these things' have come unto us in proportion. Not in the package I initially imagined; different but way better.

The indescribable climax of a season had the legs of a Mazda MX5. A surprise for just a weekend for my man but in it's outworking, my God spared nothing.

Entertain the image of driving through the Grand National Park with mist rising, past weirs, around tree encompassed bends, roof open and breeze enticing, music enhancing this journey like the accompaniment to a movie staring my man, routing over the Sea Cliff Bridge and climaxing along a plethora of coastal villages.

An indescribably delicious few days. But the experience was only the vehicle of reaping juicy fruit from seeds sown a thousand choices ago.

Let me tell you. It was very nice packaging but the substance wasn't in the nuts and bolts that we rode in [as well put together as they were].

It was in the emotional distance we had travelled before, together, but also individually. Each time we responded to His nudging, a t- intersection was encountered. All choices toward human suffering, be it a skinned knee or trafficking, was a cross road. Every offence we forgave fueled our vehicle. The smallest decision to rightness, in love not in legalism, pointed us into a more direct route to our desired destination.

Most of this journey was completed metaphorically in a 12 seater Transit Bus way before our weekend. But the final leg, the cherry on the cake, we got to travel in style.

And here's some irony. In the picture above, the sign says I am at Bus Stop Flats ...

... whats in that?

The-Ta Mom Gives

on Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ta Theta Mom.

It's like the logies over at her place at the moment.

Oodles of affirmation. And in typical award style, I am to now pass on my compliments to five other blogs I have "NEWLY DISCOVERED".

My dilemma ...... limiting my approval. Since it's a girly looking award, I'll make this a chick thing.

So to:

Newly found but here's to the 'long run'.

But indulge me for one more as my friend has just started a blog ...... hot off the press is

Go and encourage her to write up a rockin' storm.

(apparently bloggy protocol calls you to pass your affirmation forward to five others newly discovered blogs ... given you accept {winking at loophole} ... )

Not For Ford Lovers

on Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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ps. I drive a ford transit if it's any consolation

Outside The Box

on Sunday, September 6, 2009

Again with the cows. I will have to change the name of this blog if I keep this up.

"Cow and Again" maybe.

Though there is a little gem of a truth that God exposed that is worth declaring. He could have chosen to share His amazingness through a donkey but Balam can keep that shocker conversation. Happy to be a visual learner though. Somewhat tactile too although I wasn't real keen on tactiling the mess out of the park which she left behind. Nothing manageable about those do-do's.

My point? Here's the dialogue with my maker and favorite complaint department.

"There's a cow in my garden!"

"And that's a problem? Why?"

"Because cows don't belong there."

"They don't? Why?"

"Because they live in the paddock away from the house."

"They do? Why?"

"Because it's the way it's always been, the way I like it, the way it's done."

"It is? Why?"

Silence. I had no comeback.

But I did have a profound sense to expect new seasons of life outside the box.

Who said things HAVE TO be a certain way. If we know He is in it, if we know His truth is not been compromised, embrace it and wallow in it's freshness. Let's face it. He's always seemed to use shock tactics to get our attention. Look at an unwed mum called Mary or a prophet who cooked on something far rawer that cow poo.

[definitely leaving this picture at Slurping Life's ~ Straight Out Of The Camera]

~ Ko - ala Bear it? ~

on Wednesday, September 2, 2009

~ Wordless Wednesday ~

Note: bearing the smell is more of a challenge; eucalyptus oil with a feral twist