Not For Ford Lovers

on Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~ Wordless Wednesday~

ps. I drive a ford transit if it's any consolation


Lee said...


Joanne MV said...

Ahahaha! I don't own a car so no hard feeling here ;)

Raquel said... funny!

My WW is here.

Warren Baldwin said...

Ah, I happen to be a Ford man. But I also drive a Chevy. But at one time I had 3 Fords at the same time.

K said...

OMG that was soooo funny

aseyeseeIsee said...

Thats pretty funny. My brother was standing next to me and a friend who was a Ford fanatic. My brother is a Chevy man. We saw a Ford towing a trailer and on the trailer was a Chevy pick up. I knew someone was going to say something. The Ford guy said "See, a Ford towing a Chevy." my brother quickly responded and said, "If I had to drive a Ford I'd bring a Chevy with me as back up too." It was all in good fun though.

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