Outside The Box

on Sunday, September 6, 2009

Again with the cows. I will have to change the name of this blog if I keep this up.

"Cow and Again" maybe.

Though there is a little gem of a truth that God exposed that is worth declaring. He could have chosen to share His amazingness through a donkey but Balam can keep that shocker conversation. Happy to be a visual learner though. Somewhat tactile too although I wasn't real keen on tactiling the mess out of the park which she left behind. Nothing manageable about those do-do's.

My point? Here's the dialogue with my maker and favorite complaint department.

"There's a cow in my garden!"

"And that's a problem? Why?"

"Because cows don't belong there."

"They don't? Why?"

"Because they live in the paddock away from the house."

"They do? Why?"

"Because it's the way it's always been, the way I like it, the way it's done."

"It is? Why?"

Silence. I had no comeback.

But I did have a profound sense to expect new seasons of life outside the box.

Who said things HAVE TO be a certain way. If we know He is in it, if we know His truth is not been compromised, embrace it and wallow in it's freshness. Let's face it. He's always seemed to use shock tactics to get our attention. Look at an unwed mum called Mary or a prophet who cooked on something far rawer that cow poo.

[definitely leaving this picture at Slurping Life's ~ Straight Out Of The Camera]


The Things We Carried said...

Maybe this cow is a reminder of God, who will NOT be kept in a box!

Arizaphale said...

Love your conversation with God. I have dialogues like that with Him all the time :-)
So, did you get the cow out?

Warren Baldwin said...

God does surprise us. Live does too. And so do our kids! Always good to be open to new ways.

And be open to new words. I guess a paddock is a barn or a fenced area? wb

Rachel said...

Reminds me that God can use ANYTHING. Even a wayward cow, and even US :)

K said...

You are SOOOO right !

slurpinglife said...

Love knowing I'm not alone in these types of conversations with God. :)

Cow and Again...love it and this shot.

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