Road Block Bye Bye

on Saturday, February 6, 2010

0805091446-00Hey. Does anyone remember me?

I'm the one who posted 'sick egg' back in September and then proceeded to throw a chronicle of reposts; until all the good ones run out.

Well. I have news.

The world has stopped moving!! I’ve just been on a really bad patch of bendy road and now, I get to turn off. My head now no longer spins. This is reason for extra lashings of excitement yet at the same time it feels surreal with a captial S.

For those who don’t know, I have been to three doctors over the last six months; one was like a dad who would call me in the morning to see if my sick kids were all right, one was lovely and wanted to look past my big family which everyone keeps blaming and the third; well he's young but definitely thorough. Loved them all. I was checked for a plethora of diseases from aids to ross river to cancer and everything in between. I have good news. Those tests all came back negative. Hate to think what it cost our medicare system. Although I have more news. I was still not functioning.

But three things then happened that I believe were God and I found myself in the office of a biochemist. He went straight to my blood. Only the tiniest amount. And when he looked at it, he told me my story. He rattled off my symptoms. And when he told me the cause, I looked at him blank. Unbelieving even.

Actually there were three things that needed addressing although in treating the first, the others would go. Although the cure, argh! I would have preferred to dip seven times in a muddy river. But I am in a place where I want my health more than I want my fleshy desires so I was good to follow his instructions; to the letter. And three days later I was cleaning out my larder; voluntarily.

You wont believe what shackled me! Things like this don't happen in prospering countries; do they? I am a health freak; well almost. I am active. We eat fresh, organic, whole foods. Heck, we even grind our own wheat and milk our own cow. And now! I guess we wont have to. Cause wheat and milk are now banned substances. Not sure of the why yet but I am feeling amazing, almost healthy so the why is really just a technicality.

Reversible. That's what he told me. I wont have to find a ‘new normal’ in my life and can expect to find vitality again. And I'm also stoked that after who knows how long, someone found out the 'why' of my 'fuzzyness'. I'm not crazy after all. {sandra does happy dance} Was getting sick of being sick, of not being able to live past my own existence, of not being able to enjoy others.

And you know what sweetens the whole discovery? My problem is not because I chose to embrace children. If someone told me I was unwell because of my choice to have a big family one more time, I was ready to smack 'em. My Father told me that children are a blessing and I believe Him.

And I now get to resume life but with a massively refined perspective courtesy of the One who carried me over for the last however long.

I have just one more opinion. I like driving on this road a whole lot better.